Lakota Film Fest + ival

Journey Museum, Rapid City SD

December 17, 2016

Free with special $3 Community Days Museum Admission!

Wayawa Cikala: Wanahca [short]

A Day at the Club: Rosebud [promo]

Ted’s Things & Tipi Rings [short]

Who Will Bury the Dead? [sneak peek]

I Am Water [short]

Generation Indigenous Ways [promo]

Inside OST Dept. of Public Safety [short]

Takeover at Pine Ridge: Politics and Pipes [feature]

More than a Word - More than a Native Issue [short]

Miracle Team [short]

Lakota Emergence [feature]

Tiyospaye: Wicasa [commercial]

Message from Standing Rock: Phil Two Eagle [short]

Along the River: A Lakota Perspective [short]

Taste the Time [short]

Build with Standing Rock [short]

Wayawa Cikala: Wamakhaskan Hothunpi [short]

A Day at the Club: Mission [promo]

Horse Spirit Society [promo]

RedCan Graffiti Jam [promo]

One More Game [short]

Reservation Warparties [short]

Xmas Wishes from Lower Brule [short]

Rising Voices / Hothaninpi [feature]

Wellknown Buffalo Coffee [promo]

Free the Snake [short]

More than Frybread [trailer]

Pride & Basketball [feature]

Foreign Selections

Non-Lakota film, trailers and promos

Tiyospaye: Winyan [commercial]

Message from Standing Rock:

Faith Spotted Eagle [short]

Breathe in Experience Breathe out Poetry [short]

Honey Lodge [promo]

istinma / to rest [short]

Wayawa Cikala: Wanagila Yamni [short]

My Space [promo]

Skateboarding in Pine Ridge [short]

Trips [promo]

The People [short]

Schedule subject to change