Lakota Film Fest + ival

Inland Theater, Martin SD

September 15, 2018

Welcome to the fifth Lakota Film Festival at the historic Inland Theater on Main Street in Martin, South Dakota. This site is in the Lacreek District of Pine Ridge Reservation which is governed by the Oglala Sioux Tribe, a federally recognized tribe established by its constitution in 1935.

This year’s festival will present features, shorts, sneak peeks, music videos and more that are about Lakotas, by Lakotas or filmed in Lakota country.

LAKOTA FILMS confirmed:

A Race is a Race is a Race

Poem performance by Patrick LeBeau [Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe]

Athena LaTocha / Gorky’s Granddaughter / October 2017

Interview of Athena LaTocha [Standing Rock Sioux Tribe]

Billy Mills On Native Ground

Interview of Billy Mills [Oglala Sioux Tribe]

Frank Waln: Behind the Scenes

Premiere of documentary about Frank Waln [Rosebud Sioux Tribe]

Hunkpapa Woman in Black

Cover of Johnny Cash song by Dana Claxton [Wood Mountain First Nation]

Lakota in America

Documentary of Cheyenne River Youth Project [Cheyenne River Reservation]

Little Wound’s Warriors

Documentary of Little Wound School students [Pine Ridge Reservation]

The Tenderness in Star Formation

Poem performance by Ann-erika White Bird [Rosebud Sioux Tribe]

Warrior Women

Trailer of film featuring Madonna Thunder Hawk [Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe]

FOREIGN FILMS confirmed:

Brave Heart Society

Documentary about the Society and Faith Spotted Eagle [Yankton Sioux Tribe].

The Goodwin Sculpture

Interview of Duane Goodwin [White Earth] by Falcon Gott [Cree]

Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World

Feature documentary of American Indian musicians from many tribes



[contribute and you can be one too!]

Abigail Gonzalez

Ana Paula Castillo Mendez

Ann-erika White Bird

Athena LaTocha

Ava Torres

Catherine Bainbridge

Carl Sturgess

Christopher Joy

Connie Smith

Dana Claxton

Doug Justus

Elizabeth Castle

Falcon Gott

Gorky’s Granddaughter

Inland Theater

Jack Kohler

John Little

Jonathan Hertzberg

Justin Lomax

Kino Lorber

Lakota Country Times

Lisa Roth

Makayla Moate

Mark Hetzel

Michael & Karen Goetzinger

On Native Ground

Patrick LeBeau

Paul Baggett

Rezolution Pictures

Roseanna Renaud

Sean Conroy


Steve Claussen

Susie Justus

Warrior Women


Zachary Keeting

Films about Lakotas, by Lakotas or filmed in Lakota country

12:30 - 5 PM

Doors open at 12:15

Click here to download the festival program2018_Lakota_Film_Festival_files/2018%20LFF%20Program.pdf