News and Updates

Advancing Tribal Sovereignty through Educational Art Exhibits

Lakota Emergence Gallery Walk at Plains Art Museum

Lakota Emergence Drawing and Poetry Workshop in Fargo

Lakota Emergence Reception at Plains Art Museum

Lakota Emergence Opens at Plains Art Museum

Lakota Emergence Exhibit Delivered to Plains Art Museum

Lakota Emergence at South Dakota State Arts Conference

Plains Art Museum to Host Lakota Emergence

Lakota Emergence Deinstalled at Presentation Convent

Lakota Emergence Closes at Stevens High School

Incorporating Lakota Art into Curriculum

Lakota Emergence Installed at Presentation Convent

Lakota Emergence Reception at Stevens High School

Lakota Emergence Presentation at Crazy Horse Memorial

Lakota Emergence Exhibit Ends Run at Akta Lakota Museum

Community-based Version of Lakota Emergence Deinstalled

CAIRNS Presents at Little Wound School

Lakota Emergence Installed at Little Wound School

Lakota Emergence Exhibit Extended at Akta Lakota Museum

Lakota Emergence Public Reception

Teacher Workshop Held at Lakota Emergence Exhibit

New Lakota Emergence Book Published

Lakota Emergence Presented at PAC

Lakota Emergence Installed at Akta Lakota Museum

Lakota Emergence Exhibit Deinstalled

Lakota Emergence Exhibit Guided Tour

Lakota Emergence Exhibit Opens in Rapid City

Lakota Emergence Review Published

Lakota Emergence Deinstalled

Lakota Emergence Reception at SD Art Museum

Lakota Emergence in the News

CAIRNS Director Presents Lakota Emergence

Lakota Emergence Traveling Exhibit Comes to Sioux Falls

Lakota Emergence Screening in St. Cloud

CAIRNS Director Visits Lakota Emergence at SD Art Museum

Lakota Emergence Documentary Available for Pre-Order

Objects Selected for Upcoming Lakota Emergence Exhibit

Lakota Emergence and Presence

Lakota Emergence at Lakota Nations Education Conference

Lakota Emergence at General Beadle Elementary

Lakota Emergence Presentation at St. Cloud State University

Lakota Emergence at the SD Indian Education Summit

Lakota Emergence as High School Literature

Lakota Emergence Exhibit Artist Visits Wingsprings

CAIRNS Director Gives Talk at Crazy Horse

Online Exhibit now open!

Emergence Exhibit a great success!

Additional volunteer training

Curator and assistant curator train more volunteers

Curator speaks with Iris Sully-Sorensen

Curator interviews Angela Babby

Curator and assistant curator meet with student artists

Curator meets with Renelle White Buffalo

Curator visits Dyani White Hawk

Curator and filmmaker visit Kevin Pourier

Curator and assistant curator talk with Athena LaTocha

Tickets now on sale for The Sioux Chef Reception!

Assistant curator trains more volunteers

We passed the half-way point for completed new artworks!

Curator visits art students at Rapid City High School

Exhibit organizers meet with Micheal Two Bulls

Curator and assistant curator interview Richard Red Owl

Assistant curator leads volunteer training

Curator and filmmaker meet with Arthur Amiotte

Exhibit organizers interview Andrea Lekberg

Exhibit organizers meet with Jhon Goes In Center

Curator visits with Tilda St. Pierre

Assistant curator and filmmaker meet  with Dwayne Wilcox

Curator and filmmaker interview Keith BraveHeart

Curator meets with Ann-erika White Bird

Curator and assistant curator meet with the Lakota Sewing Circle

Artists gather at the Sioux Indian Museum

Curator and filmmaker chat with Roger Broer

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