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Paul Szabo

Stephen Yellowhawk

Del Iron Cloud

Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve

March 4, 2016, 5-8pm, Journey Museum

Rapid City Teachers / CAIRNS Cohorts

Far back in the first sunrise of time (so say the legends), all the animals of the earth gathered here in the Black Hills for a big race. Here is how it happened and why it happened. At one time there were no Black Hills as we see them now. Only a vast prairie land existed, and upon it there roamed huge animals. There were flying vultures that preyed on the land animals. There were insects as big as eagles, with long sharp stingers that paralyzed and killed. The words Unkche Ghila in Lakota describe certain huge animals who once were numerous here, but are now extinct. These animals, oddly shaped and huge in size, roamed the land in great numbers. Then for some unknown reason, they disappeared.

The words Wichasha Akantu designate Man, as distinguished from the animal and spirit world. This distinction – Man, Animal, Spirit, was needed because in that world of long ago man conversed freely with the animals and the spirits.


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