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In the midst of a world filled with predatory animals, in which man killed animals for food, and animals killed man, the idea came to man that there must be a way to bring order to such a chaotic world. He pondered long and deeply upon the matter. Then one day he sent out a call to all the animals of the world to meet with him. A powwow was held. It was a memorable event because, in order to bring peace and order to the world, it was agreed that a race of immense magnitude was to be the solution. The race was to decide many things. It would result in sorting and separating the animals into their proper species by the smell of their bodies. It was to be a grand, epic feat of the ages.

Thus, to all tatuya tona, (wind flows or directions), messengers were sent, in order to announce the great event. These messengers were chosen from among the swiftest birds, and from among animals that could run like the flight of a strong arrow.