After the air had cleared and there was calm once more, within the rim of the circle of dead animals there was seen a pile of broken rocks standing majestically high in the air. The Lakota say this was how the Black Hills came to be. They called the mass of broken rocks Paha Sapa, or Black Hills.

Since the fabulous race of the ages was visited by a great holocaust, an act of displeasure by the gods, the winners were never fully determined. But legends say the lowly magpie was ahead of all the flying birds. And the Unkche Ghila, a huge animal whom no human being in modern times has ever seen alive, was leading the ground animals.

The Lakota say, that even to this day the remains of this ancient race track are still plainly visible, and there are many large bones still lying around along the historic track. The huge bones of the Unkche Ghila, which, once upon a time, roamed these prairie lands, can be found in the badlands to the east and south of the Black Hills.

There is a ledge-like row of hills surrounding the Black Hills proper. Within this row of hills, there is a depression or indentation which also encircles the Hills. The Lakota explain this is what remains of the racetrack upon which that fabulous race was run. But scientists explain these strange formations in a more practical way. They are faults, or breaks in the crust of the earth, either shifting upward or dropping downward.

However that may be, the Teller of Tales says, “This is what happened in the long ago. This is the Lakota legend.”

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