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Below: Ann-erika White Bird and her daughter, 2015


Dahl Arts Center

713 7th St

Rapid City, SD 57701

CAIRNS is excited to invite you to an innovative exhibit it is hosting called Lakota Emergence. The exhibit focuses entirely on the short Lakota emergence narrative titled, “How the Lakota Came Upon the World,” published in 1917. The exhibit divides the 1,251-word narrative into 16 “passages,” and pairs each passage with an outstanding example of a practical or artistic object from the Sioux Indian Museum (one of the three Indian Arts and Crafts Board museums in the U.S.). The selected objects span a period of time from before the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty all the way to the early 1970s. All were created by Lakotas and were collected from within the boundaries of the 1868 Treaty, including what is now Pine Ridge, Rosebud and Standing Rock Reservations, as well as the community of Rapid City.

In addition to the passages and Museum objects, original artworks by distinguished and emerging contemporary Lakota artists will be featured, thereby creating what we are calling “vignettes.” These 16 vignettes will thus recount the Lakota emergence narrative in written words, museum collections and contemporary artworks, illustrating that the emergence narrative continues to be a source of creativity, and that Wind Cave was and always will remain a landscape of special significance in Lakota cosmology.


May 6-9, 2015


CAIRNS at (605) 685-6484 or

Dahl Arts Center at (605) 394-4101

Exhibit Staff

Craig Howe, PhD

Exhibit Curator

Kayla Schubert

Exhibit Assistant Curator

Sam Hurst

Exhibit Filmmaker

Abe Katz

Exhibit Manager

Corey Bettelyoun

Exhibit Technician

Mabel Picotte

Event Coordinator

Wopila Tanka Thank You

Abe Katz

Ashley Pourier

Alicia Coyne

Amanda Wennes

Arlo Iron Cloud

Christopher Ives

Conor McMahon

Corey Bettelyoun

Denise DuBroy

DeVaughn Pearson

Diane Bird

Doug Two Bulls

Emma Rivers

Fred FastHorse

Gabrielle Seeley

Georgia Wallace

Gerald F. Pourier

Glenn Smith

Harvey Markowitz

Heather Robinson

Jake Nordbye

James Jeffrey

Jan Murray

Janci Herr

Jennifer Carr

Jody Deveraux

Jon Simpson

Jr Bettelyoun

Julie Montileaux

Karen Mortimer

Karissa Loewen

Kasey Brooks

Katie Adkins

Kristina DeSersa

Laura Clarke

Lois Howe

Mabel Picotte

Mark St. Pierre

Marla Bull Bear

Mary Bordeaux

Mary Maxon

Michael Lekberg

Nate Bull Bear

Nathan Hurst

Patrick Fraker

Pepper Massey

Peter Strong

Randall Iverson

Rapid City High School Student Artists

Rick Gerlach

Sam Hurst

Shellie Byers

Sarah Gilmor

Steve Babbitt

Tammy Misselt

Terresah Hall

Tracy Sommerset

Troy Kilpatrick

Vaughn Vargas

Above: Roger Broer, 2015


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Foundation for the Preservation of American Indian Art and Culture

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