Oceti Sakowin Origins and Development

The most basic information about American Indian communities is foundational to more abstract or specific inquiries. In spite of this, such foundational knowledge is disproportionately low, among Natives and non-Natives alike. A cornerstone of CAIRNS research is the establishment of a clear and uncontroversial body of research describing the origins and development of the Oceti Sakowin (commonly called “Sioux”), and their current tribes and reservations in the U.S. and Canada. Most CAIRNS seminars, workshops, and presentations begin with a survey of this information, and CAIRNS published a handbook covering this material in 2012, the first in our Foundational Resources for Educators series. CAIRNS also produces a helpful reference poster listing the names of the Oceti Sakowin oyates in spatial and temporal order.

Above: “Oceti Sakowin Homelands, ca. 1849,” in Oceti Sakowin Origins & Development, 2012.

Left: Detail of Oceti Sakowin Camp Circles, 2012.